Pattern #5: Girls, Girls, Girls

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Girls, Girls, Girls pattern | Mara Dawn
Oh, hey! I made another pattern in pale, blushy pink, which I happen to think is perfect for these lovely ladies. I found these drawings while cleaning out my sketchbook and decided they’d be better together as a pattern.

Patterned No 4: re-thinking pink

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pattern | Mara Dawn
I’ve been fighting the urge to use pastel pink SO HARD you guys. But, I’ve finally caved. I had taken a 20-year hiatus from using the color out of efforts divorce myself from all things girly. But, now that I’ve re-embraced the color I’ve gone a bit overboard. It’s like a whole new world out there! With all the light pink items I’ve amassed I could pretty much dress head to toe in pale pink. I bought Glossier skincare probably 99% for the pale pink packaging alone. Rose Quartz is the Pantone color of the year, after all so, maybe it’s okay? Tell me it’s okay. I’ve lost all restraint!

Patterned No 3: pastel rocks

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pastel pattern | Mara Dawn
I’ve developed a serious pastel color crush in the past few years. I used to be so against pastels. But, the older I get—and the more chaotic my life gets–the more soothing I find a good pastel color palette.

Patterned No 2: Blues

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brustroke pattern | Mara Dawn
I would guess you see only about 1-5% of all the design that designers actually do. There are so many scanned sketches, unused Photoshop layers, half-illustrated Illustrator documents and a mountain of revisions that sit lonely in a junkyard of forgotten file folders.

I remembered a set of brushstrokes I made that weren’t quite right for a recent project. I hate to let them sit lonely and forgotten, so I tinkered with them a bit and now they’re seeing the light of day.

And, here’s a free (for personal use only) download for you of the blues brushstroke pattern:

Patterned 1/52: Lavender Confetti

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confetti pattern | Mara DawnHere we go again. Last year I made this resolution that I was going to make a pattern a week. Quite pregnant, I had blissfully forgotten how all consuming taking care of a newborn would be, especially while also trying to keep up with my client work. I blame hormones for that lapse in judgement.

Now that life and work are feeling a little more manageable, I’ve been feeling the itch to create just for fun again. So here’s to second, third and fourth chances. Wish me luck!

Ever since AT&T sent me junk mail with a pretty lavender envelope I’ve been appreciating purple on a level I haven’t since I was around 8 years old. And, some confetti-ish shapes to celebrate the new year. Woot!


Two Months

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two months | mara dawn
It’s hard to tell, but there’s a bit of a smirk on this kid’s face. As long as he’s fed and changed he has been pretty much all smiles this month. I sort of forgot how amazing those first smiles are. I tend to lose all dignity and talk in an insanely high voice while making crazy faces to get him to laugh and giggle. Worth it.

One Month

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one month | mara dawn
At one month, this little guy was already busting out of his newborn clothes. Which is good (healthy growth!) and also makes me slightly sad (they grow so fast!). It’s been quite interesting to have two boys and notice all the similarities and differences already. This guy loves his milk and is gaining like a champ. At the same age, his brother never could keep on the weight and had the skinniest little legs. Although, both ways are pretty adorable to me.

Disclaimer: he’s actually two months now. I do NOT have it all together. I’m just finally starting to catch up on life things. I should probably go pay some medical bills now. Insert emoji with dollar bills flying away here.