Pattern #5: Girls, Girls, Girls

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Oh, hey! I made another pattern in pale, blushy pink, which I happen to think is perfect for these lovely ladies. I found these drawings while cleaning out my sketchbook and decided they’d be better together as a pattern.

Patterned No 4: re-thinking pink

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I’ve been fighting the urge to use pastel pink SO HARD you guys. But, I’ve finally caved. I had taken a 20-year hiatus from using the color out of efforts divorce myself from all things girly. But, now that I’ve re-embraced the color I’ve gone a bit overboard. It’s like a whole new world out […]

Patterned No 3: pastel rocks

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I’ve developed a serious pastel color crush in the past few years. I used to be so against pastels. But, the older I get—and the more chaotic my life gets–the more soothing I find a good pastel color palette.

Patterned No 2: Blues

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I would guess you see only about 1-5% of all the design that designers actually do. There are so many scanned sketches, unused Photoshop layers, half-illustrated Illustrator documents and a mountain of revisions that sit lonely in a junkyard of forgotten file folders. I remembered a set of brushstrokes I made that weren’t quite right […]

Patterned 1/52: Lavender Confetti

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Here we go again. Last year I made this resolution that I was going to make a pattern a week. Quite pregnant, I had blissfully forgotten how all consuming taking care of a newborn would be, especially while also trying to keep up with my client work. I blame hormones for that lapse in judgement. […]

Pattern Progression No. 2

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Here’s my second pattern attempt, which I’m affectionately titling Mixed Metallic Macaroni. I’ve really been into mixed metallics lately and curved lines, so I felt compelled to mix the two. It’s serious business, this one. If you’d like to know more about the Pattern Progression series, read my introductory post.

Pattern Progression No. 1

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I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately (thanks pregnancy insomnia) and have been spending a lot of time in front of the computer trying to wrap up client projects before this baby decides to show up. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts to keep me company and have been going through the Elise Gets […]