Two Months

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It’s hard to tell, but there’s a bit of a smirk on this kid’s face. As long as he’s fed and changed he has been pretty much all smiles this month. I sort of forgot how amazing those first smiles are. I tend to lose all dignity and talk in an insanely high voice while […]

One Month

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At one month, this little guy was already busting out of his newborn clothes. Which is good (healthy growth!) and also makes me slightly sad (they grow so fast!). It’s been quite interesting to have two boys and notice all the similarities and differences already. This guy loves his milk and is gaining like a […]

Oh, Hello There

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I wasn’t actually planning on a baby post, but as I was importing a few photos from the hospital onto my computer I just couldn’t resist editing and posting a few. Meet Orion August, born on February 12th, 2015. We finally decided on a first name only a few weeks prior to his birth. My […]

8 Month Baby Bump

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Wearing white while severely pregnant is a pretty gutsy move for me. I think after I’d been out only about 15 minutes, my husband was already showing me where I’d gotten dirt on myself from unknowingly bumping into something. This belly is made for bumping into things and being a receptacle for food crumbs. I’m […]

7 Month Baby Bump

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This is a look back at when my belly was a more manageable size. Look how cute and round that stomach was! Oh, memories. In other news, seven months was the month I gave up pants. I mean, I’m still (somewhat) appropriately dressed, but I’ve transitioned to a wardrobe consisting of mostly leggings and tunics. […]

6 Month Baby Bump

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Doesn’t this photo look festive and nice and holiday-ish? Well, in truth I think this was actually back in November. It’s fitting for this time of year though, am I right? I think six months in my very favorite month of pregnancy. The belly is usually round enough at this point that it closer resembles […]

5 Month Baby Bump

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If I’ve learned anything about motherhood, it’s that just about every cliché you hear is annoyingly true. I’m currently embracing that common mom knowledge that the pregnancy goes so much faster the second time around. As a case in point, reference the above photo. I’m actually six months pregnant at the moment, but I’m just […]