Playing (52 Project) Summer Catch Up

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Wow, this summer has been crazy fast. I’ve been bouncing between summer vacations, a lot of work and more hangout time than usual with the boy since our sitters/family have been on summer vacation as well. It’s been fun/stressful/relaxing/chaotic. I’m happy to be settling back into a more predictable schedule and can’t wait for fall […]

26/52: First Haircut

Posted on Jul 18, 2014 in Kiddo, Photo Mojo | 2 Comments

I finally decided to break down and get this boy a haircut as his hair was quickly approaching mullet mania. I was a little nervous there would be a lot of tears, but we got lucky with a sweet lady who was used to cutting kiddo hair. I think he enjoyed all the attention he […]

Ember Newborn Photos Part 2

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One of my favorite life stages to experience alongside friends has been when they become mothers. Please excuse me while I get sappy for a moment. It’s messy and chaotic and draining experience, but it’s also very beautiful and joyful to see a friend go through such a life-altering event. I’ve seen Kesha full of […]

23/52: The Boy Who Bakes

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When your toddler wakes up at 5am on a rainy day, you quickly run out of activities to do. We drug out the stool and tried out baking muffins as a last resort that morning. If this photo were a video instead, I would have been able to capture his feet doing a happy dance […]

The 52 Project Catch Up

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I am soooooo behind on this project, but I’m determined not to give up. A few of these are probably jumbled up and not on the correct week, but hey, I tried. Right? Above is 14/52: After my husband stained our deck, Alder pulled almost every coordinating toy he has out on the deck to […]

Captured: Newborn Photos Part 1

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One of my closest friends asked me to take some photos of her newborn baby, Ember (great name, right?). I am by no means a photographer of newborns, but I just couldn’t say no to that squishy baby face. I’m not much for the staged newborn shoots, so we tried to keep it simple, casual […]

13/52: Always Overalls

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When I was Alder’s age, I lived a few hours from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. There are numerous photos of me in OshKosh overalls. When I came across these railroad striped overalls at a consignment sale, I couldn’t help but get them for him as they remind me of my childhood. I’ve got some serious catching up […]