Singapore Part 4

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Once we returned from Indonesia, we decided to forgo the high rise hotel area and instead find a hotel in one of the neighborhoods of Singapore to see a different side of the city/state. Below are images from mini excursions near our hotel in the neighborhood of Little India. At night, Little India was more […]

Singapore Part 3: Indonesia

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As much as I seriously love the Midwest, I don’t always love being completely landlocked. It’s not a quick trip to anywhere with a sandy beach and aqua waters. It’s unfathomable to me that a beach—and a trip to another country—could be just an hour ferry ride away. When we were in Singapore and looking […]

Favorite Spaces: Hammerpress

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After visiting the Hammerpress letterpress shop a few weeks ago, I’ve come to the conclusion that I could literally live in their space. It has industrial vintage modern decor, beautiful letterpress goods, and pretty natural light. Even their bathroom was well-designed with the perfect amount of quirk. I may have to sneak my sleeping bag […]

Singapore Part 2: Pulau Ubin

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When I first imagined traveling to Singapore, I envisioned lush flora and fauna and exotic wildlife. I quickly realized Singapore’s small footprint means it is mostly taken up by concrete and towering buildings. Luckily, we found a tiny refuge from the concrete jungle for a morning. An art director and nature enthusiast at the Singapore […]

Singapore Part 1: Art + Architecture

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I went halfway across the world because of a fireworks package label. True story. Here’s how it goes: my husband won a design contest for a fireworks packaging design at his agency (also my former employer). He ended up picking Singapore from the places available, and I met him out there after the business portion […]